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Freelance Permit and Visa in UAE

Freelance Permit and Visa in UAE: Eligibility, Benefits and Activities

Freelancers entered a revolutionary era with an influx of employers and multinational firms recruiting freelancers for long-term and short-term projects.

And individuals start to opt for self-employment or freelancing in various sectors. The UAE, one of the best countries in the world for ex-pats to live and work, has been the centre for international investors, digital nomads and highly talented individuals.

As a part of its economic expansion plan, the government reformed the visa policies by introducing green visa, golden visa, talent pass, freelance visa and more.

How to start freelancing in UAE?

Any individual can start freelancing in UAE with a freelance permit, a work permit issued by the UAE authorities to work full-time as a freelancer in the country.

Non-residents can obtain a freelance visa- residency permit with an option to sponsor family members for two years. After getting the freelance visa, you can apply for a freelance permit or license in a specific activity.

Benefits of freelance permit and visa

  • Live and earn a living in UAE for two years
  • Work as an independent contractor from anywhere
  • Sponsor your family
  • Residency permit
  • Earn more from multiple income streams
  • Flexible to work for various companies
  • Work-life balance
Eligibility for freelance license in UAE

Any UAE national, resident or non-resident, can apply for a Dubai freelance license. Applicant must have at least Bachelor’s certification or diploma qualification for certain professions.

Documents required for Freelance License and Visa in UAE

Documents required for freelance visa:

  • Valid passport copy
  • Photo (with white background)
  • Visa copy (visit visa/cancelled visa)
  • Degree certificate

Documents required for freelance license:

  • Valid passport copy
  • Photo with passport
  • CV/ social media links
  • Copy of residence visa or Emirates ID
Activities under UAE freelance license

Freelancers can apply for any of the following activities under various industries:

1. Media Freelance Activities
Actor, musician, scriptwriter, producer, director, content creator, copywriter, music, television, journalist, publisher, editor, media planner, photographer, events, creative director, critic theatre, artist, radio jockey, DJ, singers, translator

2. Technology Activities
Web designer, app developer, telecommunication and IT networking, data science, analytics, software development, IT developers

3. Design Activities
Fashion designers, interior designers, hair stylist, product designers, make-up artist, stylists, fashion consultant, apparel designer

4. Marketing and Consultancy
Marketing and Consultancy Marketing specialist, digital marketing executive, social media marketing, business consultant, media consultant, HR consultant, market analyst, PR specialist

5. Education
Education advisor, coaching, researcher, trainer, e-learning advisor, researcher

Cost for freelance permit and visa in UAE

Freelance permit and visa costs depend on various factors such as location, government charges for medical insurance, Emirates ID, visa stamping, etc.

If you want to know more about the pricing, please contact our freelance advisors.

How to apply for freelance license and visa in UAE?

Even if you're outside of the country, you can still apply for a freelance visa and license if you've got all the documents.

Apply for a freelance visa from anywhere. However, you must enter the UAE within 60 days after visa issuance to complete the procedures.

With Freedom2Work, our team would ease your visa application, help you choose the right activity and process the application hassle-free.

Popular jurisdictions that offer freelance licenses in the country

Dubai Economy and Tourism (DET), Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free zone (RAKEZ), Sharjah Media City (SHAMS), Ajman Free zone, Fujairah Creative City, Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Design District, Dubai Internet City.


You can explore the opportunities by getting a freelance permit and visa in Dubai. Freelancing in UAE is cost-efficient. Start your dream business without renting an office space or sticking to 9-hours routine jobs.


1. Can I work with a freelance visa?

Yes, you can work with multiple companies and jobs with a freelance visa and freelance permit.

If you’re already working as a full-time employer, you can do a side hustle or work as a freelance by applying for a freelance permit with a NOC from the sponsor.

2. What are the freelance visa requirements UAE?

To apply for a freelance visa, you require a valid passport copy, photos, a visa copy (visit visa or cancelled visa) and an attested degree certificate.

3. Can I open a bank account with a freelance visa UAE?

Yes, you can open a personal bank account with a freelance visa.

4. Do freelancers pay tax in UAE?

Freelancers in UAE need not pay any personal or corporate tax. But you may need to register for VAT and pay tax only when you earn over AED375,000.

5. Can I sponsor my family with a freelance visa in UAE?

Yes, you can sponsor your family- your spouse and children with a freelance visa in UAE.

6. Can I get Emirates ID on a freelance visa?

With a freelance visa, you would get Emirates ID, an identity card issued by UAE Federal Authority for Identity that allows you to stay, open a bank account, access medical insurance and more.