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Benefits of Freelance Visa

Benefits of Freelance Visa

An insight into freelancing in UAE:

Why freelancing- a demanding professional choice for a lot of people? Freelancers can choose between full-time employment timing or working on their schedule. Many people choose to freelance as a career due to the expansion of the digital economy.

Working for oneself instead of someone else is what freelancing entails. Freelancers are independent contractors who operate on a project-by-project basis.

As a freelancer, you have a wide range of options in services like writing, editing, consulting, marketing, designing, ICT, virtual administration, social media management, etc. Experts in their fields, freelancers frequently operate alone. They can, however, also carry out in-person tasks.

Benefits of being a Freelancer in Dubai
  • The autonomy to decide how, when, and where to work.
  • Making your client selections.
  • Keeping all of the earning.
  • Live in one of the best metropolitan cities in the world with high-end education, healthcare and investment options.
  • As the UAE- gateway to the global business world, you can use a highly diversified entrepreneurial economy.
What is a Freelancing Visa?

People who are self-employed or own/run their firms can travel and do remote work thanks to a freelancing visa. In this manner, people can continue to work and support themselves while travelling the globe!

What is a Dubai Freelance Visa?

You don't necessarily need a sponsor or to be employed by any organisation in the UAE to obtain a freelance permit. In the UAE, authorities issue freelance work permits for independent contractors.

You can apply for a Dubai freelancing visa after receiving your freelance permit. The renewable freelancing visa in Dubai allows you to live and work in the country for two years with your family. Any nationals, foreigners, residents, and non-residents can apply for a freelance permit in UAE.

Benefits of Dubai Freelance Visa

What does Dubai Freelance Visa offer?
Individuals with a Dubai freelance visa are eligible to work in different business sectors; Having a freelance visa in Dubai has many advantages with all the other benefits of freelance working.

  • Work for various companies and individuals as an independent contractor.
  • No need for a local sponsor to sponsor yourself or your family.
  • Earn from your skills and keep all your income without personal tax.
  • You get Emirates ID, medical insurance, a UAE residency and a work permit.
  • You don't have to pay VAT if your yearly income is less than AED 375,000.
Eligibility to get UAE Freelance Visa

Anyone who wants to work as a freelancer in UAE can apply for a freelance permit and a visa. Primarily the candidate must hold a bachelor's degree or a related qualification to work.

For UAE residents:

Are you a UAE resident on your spouse's or parents' visa?
You will require a freelance permit.

Even if you have a full-time job in the UAE and want to work independently, you can apply for a freelance permit with a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your employer.

Additionally, citizens of the UAE or Dubai do not have to give up their residency visa to get a freelance license.

For Non-UAE residents:

Are you a non-UAE resident?
You must apply for a freelance visa and a freelance permit. A freelance visa is a residence permit which enables individuals to live and work in Dubai. To apply for a freelance visa, non-residents of the UAE must obtain a Freelance licence in Dubai.

Requirements for a Dubai Freelance Visa

There isn't a lengthy list of paperwork required to apply for a freelancing visa in Dubai. You'll need the documents below:

  • Recent photo
  • At least six months of validity passport
  • A letter of no objection (If you're already a resident of UAE)
  • A portfolio of work samples (If applicable)
  • Educational Qualification certificate
  • A complete resume or CV (If applicable)
Costing of a Freelance Visa for Dubai

Freelance visa costs vary by jurisdiction and government costs for medical examination, visa stamping, and Emirates ID. Do keep in mind that these charges are non-refundable. The least expensive freelance visa in Dubai is the TECOM permit.

Processing Time of Freelance Visa

If you apply for the Dubai Freelance Visa from somewhere other than Dubai, you will require an entrance permit. You will get the entry permit in 2 to 7 working days. You can apply for the Dubai Freelance permit after receiving the freelance visa.


It's reasonable to feel a little nervous about going freelance if you're thinking about doing so. Build your client list early, get insurance, open a business account, and enter the freelance market rather than waiting for the ideal time to take the plunge. There is no avoiding it; you must put in a lot of effort to excel.

Freelancing allows you to decide your workplace and work hours as you please. You are your boss and critic too.